Awards & Judging

Quilt Fever 2023 Entries: Awards and Judging Information

There are two ways to enter a quilt in the show, either as a General Entry or a Judged Entry.  

Viewer’s Choice Award

Every quilt entered in the show is eligible for the Viewer’s Choice Award. All members and guests who visit the show will be given a ballot to vote for their favourite quilts. They may choose up to 5 quilts. The quilt that receives the most votes will be awarded the CQA Ribbon and $50. The next four quilts with the most votes will receive ribbons and $25.   

Submitting an Entry for Judging

Members are invited to submit quilts for judging. These entries are evaluated by a CQA Certified Quilt Judge. Entries must meet all requirements for entry as outlined on the entry form.

There are two award groups for judged quilts: 5 excellence awards and 7 category awards. A maximum of 50 quilts can be included in the judging program. 

All entries submitted for judging must pay a $5 fee for each quilt to be judged. Please 

e-transfer to indicating this is the judging fee. If this option is not feasible, please contact Jane Sanders ( to arrange payment. 

For each quilt submitted for judging, members will receive a critique prepared by the judge in an email no later than March 26th

Category Awards 

The 7 category awards are as follows:

  • Original design or design adapted from a medium other than quilting; large quilt (width plus length 134” or larger);
  • Original design or design adapted from a medium other than quilting; small quilt (width plus length smaller than 134”);
  • From a pattern or adapted from another quilt or the work of another quilt maker; large quilt (width plus length greater than 134”);
  • From a pattern or adapted from another quilt or the work of another quilt maker; small quilt (width plus length smaller than 134”);
  • Art Quilt Pictorial is an original design that is a visual representation of an image on a quilt such as human(s), animal(s) and/or landscapes;   
  • Art Quilt Textile is an original design using innovative construction, materials and design techniques on a theme or subject matter not based on commercial patterns or copies of previous works;
  • Miniature quilts may be original designs or from patterns with a maximum 80” circumference (total measurement of all sides of the quilt). 

On the entry form, please indicate the category in which you want your quilt to be considered (one category per quilt).  

There must be a minimum of 3 entries for awards to be presented in any category. A ribbon and $50 award is presented to the first place quilt in each judged category. If there are at least 6 entries, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons are awarded. 

Excellence Awards 

All quilts submitted for judging are eligible for excellence awards. The five excellence awards are as follows: 

  • Hand Quilting;
  • Machine Quilting (Throat space less than 13”);
  • Machine Quilting (Throat space more than 13”);
  • Hand Applique;
  • Machine Applique.

All 1st place winners receive a ribbon and $50 if there are a minimum of 3 quilts in the category. If there are more than 6 quilts, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons are awarded. Quilts many be considered for more than one excellence award. A ribbon is also presented in the machine quilting excellence awards if the quilting was done by someone other than the quilt maker. 

Criteria for Judging

The judging process is done anonymously; the judge does not know the name of the quilter. A facilitator provides the following information from the entry form to the judge at the start of each quilt judging:

  • Number and name of the quilt;
  • Techniques used;
  • Artist’s statement;
  • If the quilt was from a kit;
  • If the quilting was done by a professional quilter other than the member.

Judging decisions are based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of workmanship and overall construction;
  • Overall aesthetic value, originality and design;
  • Visual impact achieved through colour and design.