President presently Karen Cooper

The member holding the position of president will possess leadership qualities, listening as well as organizational skills, and have the ability to delegate and encourage participation of the members of the Guild.  A working knowledge of parliamentary procedures and ability to run a meeting is necessary. 

The President will be an able communicator, keeping board members and the general membership informed of important issues regarding the Guild and Neilson Park Creative Centre.  

The President is the titular head of the organization and is responsible for making sure that the Guild fulfills its goals and objectives as stated in the constitution.   

The President presides at all meetings of both the Board and the membership, prepares the agendas and receives reports from committee chairs as appropriate.  As well, the President chairs the Executive Committee and is an ex-officio member on all other committees except the Nominating Committee.  In addition, the President will attend various meetings with NPCC and may sit of NPCC committees as appropriate.

All bookings of space at NPCC must be authorized by the President. 

Within ten days of any change in the membership of the Board of Directors, the President submits an information form to the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

The President shall call Board meetings from September – May ahead of the monthly meetings of the membership with the Annual General Meeting taking place in June. If necessary, a meeting of the Executive Committee may be called during times when the Board is not meeting.

Vice President presently vacant

The member in the position of Vice President will have similar leadership qualities as the President and will aspire to become President in the future. 

In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties normally performed by the President. The Vice President shall assist the President with the supervision of the affairs and operations of the Guild and perform such other duties as requested by the Board of Directors. 

The Vice President shall serve as a member of the Nominating Committee.  

Prior to the Annual General Meeting in June, the Vice President shall ensure that the Policies and Procedure Manual has been reviewed and updated, noting any changes brought by decisions of the Board during the fiscal year.  The Vice President will liaise with the Secretary regarding printing and distribution of same.

The Vice President shall oversee the annual inventory of the cupboard in Studio C as conducted by the Chatelaine and report to the Board of Directors of any needed changes. A report may be requested by NPCC for insurance purposes.  

The Treasurer presently Amy Jutras

The Treasurer of the Guild will have previous experience with accounting software such as Quicken, QuickBooks or similar, and be prepared to devote 3-5 hours a month to the tasks involved.

The Treasurer acts as a fiduciary for the Guild’s financial assets, and shall prepare a budget for the approval of the Board of Directors immediately prior to the Annual Meeting according to By-Law #2 section 8.04.

The Treasurer maintains the Guild’s main bank account, which is reconciled on a monthly basis with result reported to the Board.  At the end of the fiscal year, the Treasurer using the Guild’s software produces a year-to-date cash flow statement for the information of the membership at the General Meeting.

The Treasurer shall obtain an “Auditor’s statement” at year’s end covering the financial activities. A copy of the financial statement signed by the President and the Treasurer shall be forwarded to the NPCC office.

On a monthly basis the Treasurer collects invoices/bills from the office mail box and the envelopes from the strong box at Studio C.  Monies from Studio C and other revenue sources such as NPCC membership fees, deposits for retreats and workshops, advertising revenues, member sales, the hall challenge etc. are deposited in a timely fashion. 

The Treasurer pays by cheque for expenses such as rent, the purchase of equipment and supplies, administrative costs, speakers fees and incidental out-of-pocket expenses incurred by members in carrying out their duties on behalf of the Guild. The rest is allocated to the various Guild activities, Studio C, comfort quilt program and workshops. 

Traditionally the Quilt Show Committee appoints a separate member to serve as treasurer who maintains discrete accounts for the show. The Guild’s Treasurer may serve as the second signature authority if appropriate.

At members’ sales sponsored by EQG the Treasurer is responsible for supplying “Stuffed Article Declaration Tags” with the Guild’s registration number clearly visible, which are then attached to the items for sale.  A commission is paid to the Guild at point of sale at a rate set by the Board of Directors.

The Secretary presently Jane Sanders

The Secretary is an Officer and Director of the Guild.  Outside of meetings, time required would be approximately 5-10 hours per month. 

The Secretary gives notice by forwarding the agenda to members of the Board not less than three days prior to the meetings.  Minutes and reports of the Executive Committee, Board meetings and Special meetings if any, as well as correspondence shall be recorded and maintained by the Secretary.

The Secretary shall prepare minutes of all board meetings and the AGM.

In preparation for the Annual General Meeting in June, the Secretary shall solicit annual reports from the respective officers and chairpersons of the Board, copy and distribute same to the Guild members with the notice of the time and place of the meeting.

Notice of any amendments to the By-Law must be distributed to the members 30 days prior to the meeting.

After the Annual General Meeting of the guild, the Secretary shall distribute copies of the By-Laws and Policies and Procedure Manual to the new Board members. 

A transition meeting should be arranged between the outgoing and incoming Secretary to transfer all pertinent correspondence/e-files.

The Secretary is encouraged to recruit guild members to assist with various tasks and encourage them to consider filling this function in future.

Education Convener/Committee presently Claudia Clapsham

The Education Convener/Committee (EC/C) is an individual EQG member or a group of EQG members. The time required by the EC/C during the year varies greatly with periods of intensive activities followed by a slower pace.

Providing Education classes is a multi-step procedure by the EC/C starting two years before date of a class. Below is a simplified list of the steps:

*Gather ideas for classes from the membership

* Source instructors

* Tentatively book dates at NPCC (usually 12 to 24 months in advance) with the EQG President authorizing the booking

  * Contact potential instructors offering dates, suggested topic for class

* Prepare letter of agreement with the instructors  to finalize class details including; cancellation policy, date, topic, instructor fee, travel fee, number of hours, number of students, supply list, items the guild is to provide, whether a sample will be provided

* Update NPCC on booked dates and release any tentatively booked dates not required.

* Prepare class descriptions including  the cost for participants based on rent, instructor fee, travel fee and the minimum number of participants needed to cover these costs.

* Advertise classes to members through the EQG GoogleGroups, Calendar of Events, EQG website and at meetings. 

* Take registration and gather fees (fees documented and then passed on to Guild Treasurer). Maintain detailed registration files and money transfers to treasurer. 

* Once a class is deemed to have sufficient registration, supply registrants with a class supply list

* Send an email to the instructor that there is sufficient registration for the class

* Send a reminder email to registrants 7 to 10 days before class

* Request a payment cheque from the treasurer for the instructor 10 to 14 days before class

* The EC/C or a designate attends the class, sets up Studio C, arranges refreshments, pays and thanks the teacher and makes sure that Studio C is tidy at the end of the day.  No formal evaluation is done but verbal comments are noted.

* Complete NPCC’s “Space Use” form on website

*  A report is submitted at the monthly Board meeting  to include results of completed classes listing number of participants, costs and profit/loss.

* If a class does not have sufficient registration 45 days (or more if stipulated by the instructor’s Letter of Agreement) before the scheduled date, EC/C must make a decision regarding how to proceed. In some circumstances, where the class is high priority, the decision may be made to hold the class anyway, and cover any outstanding costs from guild funds. Often, however, it will be necessary to cancel the class and alert the instructor, cancel room booking with NPCC and request the treasurer in writing to issue refunds to the registered participants.

One member of the EC/C  must act as the Education Member on the EQG Board of Directors and attend the monthly Board meetings.  The Education Board Member will prepare and present monthly 

Program Convenor presently Sandy Lindal

The program convenor is responsible for the “main event” of EQG’s members’ meetings throughout the year. This requires organization ahead of time for each meeting, and attendance at each meeting. 

There are 10 meetings, held on the third Monday of the month from September through June. (Statutory holidays will cause a change of date.) 

For 6 of the meetings, the convenor engages a guest speaker (October, November, January, March, April and May). In a quilt show year, this reduces to 5, since the March members’ meeting is cancelled. 

The remaining 4 meetings are: a welcome-back opportunity in September, a holiday potluck in December, a bee in February, and the AGM in June.

The program convenor organizes all of the meetings, except that Comfort Quilts co-ordinators organize the February bee. 

Meeting “main events” are subject to variation. For instance, in September 2019, two guild members presented 20-minute trunk shows.

Responsibilities of the program convenor include:

Well before a meeting: 

  • Contacting and signing up each guest speaker.
  • Preparing an alternate meeting activity. 
  • If liquor is served, obtaining a licence and arranging for someone with Smart Serve. 
  • Informing NPCC of the seating plan for Studio A.
  • Contacting the EQG treasurer for a cheque for the guest speaker.
  • Sharing information regarding the meeting with Publicity (for the EQG website) and with the president (for a EQG Google Groups message).
  • Discussing with other board members (especially the president) what needs to be said at the meeting and who is to say it. 

At the meeting:

Arriving early to welcome (and pay) the guest speaker and making sure her/his needs are met.

At the meeting: Introducing the speaker, and afterwards thanking the speaker. Promoting the next meeting

Membership Convener

The Membership Convener is responsible for welcoming members and visitors at monthly meetings and maintaining an accurate membership list.

The membership list is for members only and not made available for commercial usage. It is distributed electronically to members via EQG Google Groups and made available to others at the Monday night meetings.

The membership year commences September 1. The Membership Convener will encourage all members via Google Groups, to  complete their membership renewal prior to the end of August.  Registration and fees for new members and renewals are processed through NPCC.  The EQG portion of the fee is remitted monthly to the Treasurer of the Guild.  

NPCC provides the Membership Convener with full EQG membership list, and monthly updates throughout the year. The Membership Convener should advise the Google Groups Administrator of any additions or changes to the membership list.   Guild members must be reminded of the importance of informing both NPCC and the Membership Convener of any changes in their personal information. 

At the monthly meetings, members check their names on an attendance list.  Those who wear their nametags will receive a ticket for a draw of fat quarters.  The Membership Convener orders and distributes nametags to new members.

Visitors are welcome and registered except at the Annual General Meeting.  The first visit is free and a $5 fee is charged for subsequent visits. Visitors should be provided with information about EQG and details on how to register for membership through NPCC.

A copy of the membership list is filed in the Archives at the end of each year. 

The Membership Convener is encouraged to recruit EQG members to assist with various tasks, and encourage them to consider filling this function in future.The Membership Convener, with the help of volunteers, is responsible for organizing a New Members’ Information session to welcome and orient new members to EQG and NPCC.

Members-at-Large presently Claire Franceschetti

The Board shall have at least one member designated as Member-at-Large whose duties will be decided by the Board from time to time.

The Guild receives many requests and invitations to participate in exhibitions and community events.  The Member-at-Large will be asked to facilitate and oversee these events on behalf of the Guild.

The Member-at-Large may also be asked to assist with and participate in ad hoc projects and committee work, undertaken and chaired by a Director of the Guild or Neilson Park Creative Centre.  

The Member-at-Large is also a member of the Nominations Committee.

The Publicity Convener (presently combined with Webmaster)

The Publicity Convener acts as the liaison between the Guild and the general public.

The member holding this position has an interest in public relations and marketing and is familiar with internet communication strategies in general.  The time commitment is difficult to predict as public relations are ongoing and opportunities to showcase the work of the Guild occur from time to time without necessarily having been anticipated or planned. Examples are the participation in the Farmer’s Market and the exhibition of NPCC art works at Etobicoke Civic Centre.

The Publicity Convener provides information of special events and promotes the work of the Guild to local news media such as Snap, Etobicoke Guardian, Arts Etobicoke and Canadian Quilting Association.  News items concerning the Guild are collected from the local press and kept for the Archives.

The Publicity Convener designs and arranges the printing and distribution of publicity material.  A short summary of the Guild’s activities is provided for the NPCC newsletter on a regular basis.  Corroboration from time to time with the Program Director of NPCC about marketing issues may be desirable. 

Although not a given, the Publicity Convener has traditionally accepted the responsibility of publicizing the Quilt Show.  The tasks are listed in the “Red book” available to all who volunteer for the show.  Much of the work can be done via computers and assistance from other members should be pursued if desirable.

Webmaster presently Valerie Prideaux

The member in this position will have some experience with electronic media and an interest in gaining further knowledge. At the present time the Guild has, besides a website, accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  The latter three are rarely used. The website is designed using WordPress, which is not difficult to learn.

The duty of the Webmaster is primarily to keep the website up-to-date and be responsible for the content. Members, as well as the general public must be able to easily access information of Guild activities such as meeting dates, program, workshops and other events.  Pictures of our comfort quilts and members’ works from “Show and Tell” are an important feature on the website.  The Webmaster responds to routine inquiries from the general public and refers those requiring a more in-depth response to other board members.

The Facebook page ( homepage pane1) is the primary social media site and has to be kept current with information about the Guild, useful local contacts and amusing quilt related items if available. 

Block of the Month Convenor currently vacant

Block of the Month is an activity designed to encourage Guild members to create and share a variety of quilt block patterns each month from October to May.  Members may choose to use fabric from the cupboard in Studio C if making a comfort quilt, or use their own stash.  

Patterns such as Nine Patch, Half Square Triangles and Economy Blocks have proven popular in the past.  Members have participated in a Mystery Quilt project and have created quilts related to specific themes and colours.

The cost for this popular project is minimal.  Participating members pay a nominal fee for photocopying patterns and instructions.  On a rare occasion, a small bill will be submitted to the Board to cover additional costs. 

Studio C Chatelaine

The Chatelaine is appointed by the Board of Directors from the general membership of the   Guild or may be an elected member of the Board of Directors, assigned to the duties of the Chatelaine. 

Chatelaine serves as a liaison between the Board and attendants in Studio C and will report in writing each fiscal year regarding the activities in the Studio.

Chatelaine will count the money collected, note attendance and secure the monies in a locked box in the cupboard for pick-up by the Treasurer.

Chatelaine will ensure that refreshments are available free of charge for the members.

Chatelaine is responsible for the content of the supply cupboard and will replace items as needed, for which she will be reimbursed. Although generous donations by members continue to be made, if a special purchase is needed, Chatelaine will prepare a request for review by the Board.  Members are allowed to use tools and equipment in the cupboard as well as borrow same from time to time. Permission must be sought from the Chatelaine who shall put in writing the name of the member borrowing, the item, the time, as well as note when each item is returned.  If an item is missing and no borrower is listed, the Chatelaine shall put a notice in the “Scrapbag” in an effort to retrieve same.  

.Chatelaine is responsible for making a yearly inventory of the content of the cupboard which shall be posted inside the door and a copy provided to the Vice President. 

Chatelaine shall oversee the use of the space in Studio C making sure that all members who wish to work there are equally accommodated.  She will ensure that at least one table for layering quilts is available for members not working on the comfort quilt project, and that additional tables are added along the South wall for sharing space.

At the end of the day, Chatelaine is responsible for cleaning up the kitchen area and ensuring members leave Studio C in good order.  

Comfort Quilt Coordinator currently Marilyn Breen

The Coordinator of the Comfort Quilt Programme, together with several members:

  • Accepts and acknowledges donations
  • Sorts donations
  • Maintains (fabric) donations in an accessible manner
  • Periodically purges the (fabric) supply to be consistent with storage capacity 
  • Offers donations to Guild members for a cash donation
  • Identifies organizations that can repurpose or recycle fabric that is obsolete for Guild

Members are encouraged to suggest organizations that would benefit from this type of donation

Guild members are invited to participate in the Comfort Quilt Programme by:

  • Donating fabric
  • Participating in any aspect of creating Comfort Quilts
  • Identifying agencies that would like to receive Comfort Quilts.
  • Delivering Comfort Quilts as determined during the distribution process
  • Suggesting agencies that could benefit from a donation from us of inappropriate fabric

  Note  Ad Hoc consultation occurs as decisions need to be made.

The Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the construction, storage and distribution of Comfort Quilts and the distribution of donated afghans to these agencies.  Some large and well- made quilts are donated to organizations to support their fundraising activities.

Members who contribute to the construction of Comfort Quilts may record their names so that they can be acknowledged at monthly meetings and select fat quarters.

Detailed records are kept of the number of Comfort Quilts and afghans donated as well as the community agencies who have received them. 

The Librarian

The position of Librarian has been shared by two members in the last few years.  

The Librarian catalogues new and donated books in the inventory book by title, author and category and attach an index card holder inside the front cover.  Magazines do not need to be catalogued.  The same information shall be recorded on an index card and slipped inside the card holder of each individual book. Each book shall be stamped on several pages with “Etobicoke Quilters’ Guild.”  

Books can be signed out both at the monthly Guild meetings or on the days that Studio C is open.  The member shall sign and date the index card and file it alphabetically by author in the index card box. If a book has not been returned after two months, members are phoned and reminded.  In cases where the book is still in use, verbal permission can be given and noted on the index card serving as renewal of the loan. 

The library operates on the honour system and is frequently accessible to members without oversight.  It is essential that members are made aware and follow the procedure when taking out and returning books. The procedure shall be posted clearly in order to prevent loss.  Fines can be levied for late returns or lost books at the discretion of the Librarian.  

A yearly inventory is necessary to ascertain that the number of books in the library and on the master list is equal.

The Board may authorize a sum of money each year for the purchase of new books. The Librarian may also purchase books at the yearly book sale in Studio C.  

The Librarian shall keep abreast of new trends and publications concerning quilting and solicit suggestions from members. New books may be reviewed and promoted on the website.

Damaged or outdated books and magazines may be disposed of at the discretion of the Librarian, either by sale to members or via the recycling bin.

The Librarian is encouraged to recruit EQG members to assist with various tasks, and encourage them to consider filling this function in future.