Here is a list of your current executive. If you would like to contact any of the executive, email EQG@gmail.com, and it will be directed to the correct person. A detailed list of job descriptions can be found here.

You may notice that the Vice-President position is empty. Volunteering to be on the Executive can be a very fulfilling adventure, and a great way to get to get to know fellow guild members. If you are interested – or just plain curious- about what this position entails, email us and we get in touch to discuss this position with you. Email EQGweb@gmail.com

Officers and Directors

President: Karen Cooper

Vice-President: Vacant

Treasurer: Amy Jutras (shadow: Dale Hendry)

Secretary: Jane Sanders


Education: Claudia Clipsham

Programs: Sandy Lindal Beintema

Membership: Lyn Chapman

Member at Large: Kathy Ann Kidman

Hall Challenge: Claire Franceschetti

Website, Publicity: Valerie Prideaux

Past President – Ex-Officio Janice Telfer