Hall Challenge 2022

This Challenge is so named because the quilts are hung in the central hallway of NPCC. The theme for the 2022 Hall Challenge, as chosen by the membership,  is “Picture This”.  Find inspiration from a photo to create a quilt, wall hanging, tea cozy, postcard or any type of fibre art piece. Submissions must be accompanied with the image of inspiration (the picture). There’s no restriction on type of image…Any picture whether it’s a landscape, still life, portrait…or perhaps even an image of an inspiring quilt. We want you to have fun making something that you’d like to show, so get busy! 

Here’s the important fine print: All quilts must have a hanging sleeve AND appropriate dowel/rod for display purposes. Please ensure that your name is on the piece and the dowel. 
Quilts must be no larger than 42” on any side (max size per side). The quilts must be clean, lint free, ironed or pressed so they show well, and are a good representation of your creative efforts. We do not iron, lint roll, or create sleeves for submissions, so please make sure it’s ready when you drop it off. If the item is very irregular in shape, the artist will be required to help with hanging the piece. 

Submissions are to be dropped off to NPCC on November 28, 2022 from 9 am -11 am. Pick up after the show will be on Friday December 16 2022 between noon and 3 pm. (If you can’t make these timings, please give me a call, and I can accommodate your needs where possible—I really want your participation, so I will help you with any obstacles). 

Download the form here:

The 2021 Hall Challenge is over. Thanks to all who participated! The theme was Connections, and the winners were Janice Telfer (1st), Claire Franceschetti (2nd) and Val Catford (3rd). Congratulations! Good news- we will be running this again next year. Thanks to Claire for organizing this!

Here are the winning quilts from the 2021 Hall Challenge: