Size Guidelines

Any size or style of quilt donated to the Comfort Quilt program will be appreciated by the people in one of our receiving agencies.  So any quilt you create, or assist in creating, will be appropriate.

We have a small number of agencies with specific quilt size requirements.  I have listed those agencies below, and have corrected an error about the size requirements for St Michael’s Hospital incubator covers.

Here are the correct quilt sizes:

Saint Michael’s Hospital (Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit)

  • Bassinette quilts – 20″ by 20″, flannel for both top and backing
  • Incubator covers – 50″ by 60″, with dark coloured backing 
  • These quilts must be able to withstand hospital laundering

Sunnybrook Hospital (Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit)

  • Quilts for parents staying overnight with their babies – 60″ by 80″, gender neutral colours, ability to withstand hospital laundering

Quilts of Valour

  • Minimum size – 55″ by 70″, Maximum size – 72″ by 84″
  • Fabrics appropriate for Canadian Service Members, diagonal seams on bindings, NOT washed before donated
  • Check Quilts of Valour website for other requirements