Studio C


General Studio C Information

Members in good standing have access to our bright and spacious fibre art studio at Neilson Park two days per week where you can work on your projects in a supportive and helpful environment.

In the studio, members work on their own projects, or they may choose to use guild fabrics to create a comfort quilt. EQG has almost everything a quilter could ask for: layout tables, cutting boards, rulers, rotary cutters, and sewing machines – just bring your fabric and ideas.


Mondays each week from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Wednesdays each week 9:00 am – 4:30 pm except the second Wednesday when the studio is used by another group and the second Thursday is the substitute open day once a month (see events calendar).

note: NPCC and Studio C are closed on statutory holidays (including Family Day) and for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

The cost of using the studio is $5, to ensure our future at NPCC. Just sign in and pay near the coffee maker when you come in. It’s worth it – for all the help, advice, companionship, and tools of the trade in Studio C. The coffee, tea and goodies are free. If you are staying for the full day, be sure to bring a lunch.


Who can go to Studio C EQG drop-in?
o Any EQG member can go to Studio C
o Guests can go once and thereafter would need to join the guild

When – what time is it?
o Daytime drop-in is Monday and Wednesday – but on the second Wednesday of the month we meet on Thursday, except in July and August when Wednesday stays Wednesday!
o Daytime drop-in is from 09:00–4:30pm

What do I bring?
o Any sewing project – from cutting fabric, to sewing, basting and through to quilting and binding
o Any knitting or crocheting project
o Bring your lunch – tea and coffee are available in Studio C

Where can I sit?
o There are no reserved spots. However there are no electrical outlets on the inside wall so if you are doing handwork it makes sense to sit at those tables. Electrical outlets are on the top and outside walls so that is where you would sit if you want to use a machine.

Can I use machines in Studio C? Which ones?
o The guild has many different sewing machines. All are for use by guild members during Studio C drop-in sessions.
o If you wish to use a machine which is being used by another member, just ask them if you could use it when they are finished.

If I want to work on my own quilt project, is there anything that I can’t use in Studio C – i.e. is it only for those working on Comfort Quilts?
o EQG tools and equipment are available for all members to use in Studio C

There’s lots of quilting stuff in the cupboard – what can I use?
o The mats, rulers, templates, rotary cutters, pins, and other equipment like irons and ironing boards are for use by all members in Studio C (to be found in the cupboard on the right when you walk into Studio C)
o The consumable supplies like thread and fabric can be used by making a donation to the Comfort Quilt fund. There is a donation box in the Comfort Quilt cupboard (to be found on the window wall opposite the EQG cupboard)
Please be aware that the fabric is donated with the understanding that it will be used to make Comfort Quilts. We do not want the Comfort Quilt “stash” to be thought of as a Quilt Store. However if you find a piece that is perfect for your personal project you may use it.

Where can I baste my quilt – any restrictions?
o Several tables in Studio C are set up with risers to make them a little higher. These can be used to pin or sew baste quilts. If required, tables can be moved together to baste larger quilts.
o Spray adhesive cannot be used for basting quilts in NPCC due to the restrictions on solvents.

What is the best time to arrive?
o Any time it suits you!
o It is often less busy in the afternoon.

Should I bring a snack or lunch?
o Yes, bring your lunch if you plan to be in Studio C over the lunch period.
o Snacks (cookies etc) are provided in EQG Studio C.

How do I pay my EQG Studio C drop-in fee?
o There is a sign-in book on the counter by the sink in Studio C
o Next to the sign-in book is a tin for your drop-in fee

How much is the drop-in fee?
o For EQG Studio C, drop-in is the fee is $5.00

I need to baste my quilt and need lots of table space. Can I use Studio C outside the drop-in schedule?
o Yes you can! Subject to availability. Just contact NPCC and they will let you know when it is available and based on how long you will need it, they will advise the cost.

How much do I pay for the tea and coffee?
o Tea and coffee and snacks are provided by the guild during EQG Studio C drop-ins
o If you attend NPCC Studio C drop-in, you can use the Keurig coffee machine in the NPCC kitchen (opposite the reception desk) for a $1 /cup charge

Do I have to bring in an extension cord for my sewing machine?
o Good question! The guild has extension cords for sewing machines.

What is the difference between EQG Studio C drop-in and NPCC Studio C drop-in?
o When EQG books and pays for Studio C rental
 It is for the exclusive use of EQG members
Coffee and tea is provided by the guild
Drop-in fee is collected in Studio C for EQG
o When it is an NPCC Studio C drop-in
All NPCC members may use the space, although Studio C is primarily used by quilters, rug crafters and hand weavers and spinners.
No refreshments are provided.
Drop-in fee is paid to NPCC at the reception desk

How do I know when there is an EQG Studio C drop-in?
o Check the guild website under ‘Upcoming Events’
o It is currently during the day on Monday and Wednesday (which switches to Thursday on second Wednesday of the month) except for July and August when it stays Wednesday!

How do I know when there is a NPCC Studio C drop-in?
o Check the NPCC website
o Check the e-newsletter from Neilson Park Creative Centre

When is Studio C drop-in cancelled?
o When NPCC is closed due to public holidays
o When NPCC is closed due to weather

I understand there is an EQG Studio C Chatelaine. What is that and who is currently doing this?

The Chatelaine is currently a shared position and is responsible for the smooth running of the studio. She ensures that all the supplies and equipment are in working order, and she counts the drop-in fee and ensures that it balances with the attendance. Everyone who is in Studio C at the end of the day helps puts the equipment away and ensures that the room is tidy. The Comfort Quilt Co-ordinator is responsible for answering questions and ensuring that there are sufficient supplies for the creation of Comfort Quilts. This sometimes get confusing because the roles can overlap. This just keeps things interesting!